About JAAI



To give and not to count the cost.


  • Bring Alumni Associations together – create a forum for networking
  • Encourage formation of Associations
  • Link with Alumni Associations across the world
  • Role in shaping public policies in favour of secularism, alleviation of poverty, empowerment of women, upliftment of marginalized, safeguard human rights, preservation of environment and spread of literacy.

JAAI’s Major Activities

Blood Donation Drive

Many Jesuit Alumni Associations across India join hands in JAAIs National Program. The "Blood Donation Drive" was kick started on Gandhi Jayanti, 2nd October, 2011. The basic concept is to have a common activity carried out by all the Jesuit alumni associations across India, doing something nationally under the JAAI umbrella on a regular basis.

Environmental Drive

JAAI’s Environment Drive is simple, yet effective. JAAI actively participates and contributes in the environment programs organized by / at the Jesuit institutions. Related skits are performed by students. Experts are invited to highlight the importance of protecting and enhancing our environment, starting at the local level / immediate neighbourhood. In the spirit of “think local - act global”, saplings are planted on the campus and at locations voluntarily offered by alumni bodies and other friendly institutions / industrial houses. Students, alumni and staff make efforts to procure / collect as many plants or trees and plant them on campus(es) and also share such saplings with other Jesuit institutes. JAAI’s Environment Drive also encourages Community Composting for disposal of Dry and Wet Waste. 

Alumni Exchange Program

Motto of JAAI’s Alumni Exchange Program is "Twinning for making Men & Women for Others"

Its objectives are :

  1. To encourage international understanding and give a fillip to the Jesuit Alumni movement.
  2. As the basis of Jesuit Education is to create “men and women for others”, the program aims to provide opportunities for action.
  3. The alumni will become sensitive to and assist comparative social & human problems in India and across countries.
  4. The alumni will act as cultural ambassadors of their respective countries.
  5. To strengthen bonds between Alumni of different countries and to expand horizons.
  6. To boost interest of younger members in the activities of their Alumni Associations.

Student Exchange Program

One of the resolutions of the 7th Congres of the World Union of Jesuit Alumni/ae in Bujumbura / Burundi, in July 2009 was to initiate exchange of students between Jesuit institutions, in particular in the Southern hemisphere. The alumni associations of Burundi and of India immediately developed an exchange program. This illustrates the type of synergies that can be implemented between Jesuit institutions with the intermediation and efficient assistance of the alumni/ae associations.

Likewise, the schools in India are exchanging students’ cultural and study groups with Belgium.

These are examples of concrete, efficient and useful cooperation between alumni associations and Jesuit Institutions at international level.

For more details, please log on to : www.jaaindia.com