Johaar, Welcome to Ranchi

The culturally vibrant and scenically beautiful capital of Jharkhand. Its people are simple-hearted, caring and affectionate. Jharkhandis worship nature.

Ranchi is graced with nature’s bountiful blessings of waterfalls, forests and wild life. It is a seat of learning, having the best of all : from elementary education to secondary education to the most prestigious and accomplished Engineering, Management, Medical and Law Schools of the country. It has a cosmopolitan population and culture. It can safely boast of the highest density of engineers in the country.

At the time of the Congress, the weather of your host city shall be unmatched. Winter shall be preparing to bid farewell, the days should be sunny yet very pleasant, with temperature achieving a peak of 24C. Nights shall have a pinch of chill, with the temperatures dipping upto 12C.

The Central Zone of Federation of Jesuit Alumni/ae Associations of India is blessed to be your host for the 8th JAAI National Congress. Come to the land which has the highest number of Jesuit Institutions in India. Experience the purity of our humble tribal hospitality and culture


Ranchi Province

  • Doranda Old Xaverians (DOX), St. Xavier’s School, Doranda, Ranchi
  • Association of Ranchi Old Xaverians (AROX), St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi
  • Alumni Association of Xavier Institute of Social Service (AAXISS), Ranchi
  • St. John’s High School Alumni Association, Ranchi

Hazaribag Province

  • Hazaribag Old Xaverians’ Association (HOXA), St. Xavier’s School, Hazaribag
  • Joseph’s Old Trainees’ Association, Hazaribag
  • Masi Marsal Old Students’ Association, Hazaribag
  • St. Joseph’s Old Students’ Alumni Association, Palamu
  • St. Robert’s High School Alumni Association, Hazaribag
  • Bokaro Old Xaverians’ Association (BOXA), St. Xavier’s School, Bokaro

Dumka Raiganj Province

  • Sahibganj Old Xaverians’ Association (SOXA), Sahibganj

Jamshedpur Province

  • Loyola Alumni Association (LAA), Loyola School, Jamshedpur
  • Xavier Labour Relations Institute Alumni Association, XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • Xavier Institute of Management Alumni Association, XIM, Bhubaneshwar
  • DeNobili School Alumni Association, Dhanbad
  • Maithan DeNobili Alumni Association, Maithan, Dhanbad
  • Alumni Association of DeNobili School , Bhuli, Dhanbad
  • Loyola College of Education Alumni Association, Jamshedpur
  • St. Xavier’s High School Alumni Association, Chaibasa

Madhya Pardesh & Chhattisgarh Province

  • Campion Old Boys’ Association (C’OBA), Campion School, Bhopal