As beneficiaries and as inheritors of the Jesuit/Ignatian legacy of Education, the members of several Alumni/AE Associations have come together to form a Federation, bonded in love and fellowship, endeavor to become men and women for others

Governing Council

  • Three per Zone, Ex officio on World Union, Jesuit Advisor, Patron
  • Meet once a year, First meeting at National Congress, Term Congress to Congress
  • Formulate policies
  • Monitor activities of the Federation and its administration
  • Monitor and guide activities of Zonal Councils
  • Organize National Congress
  • Select representatives for World Union
  • Oversee World congress in India


  • North: Calcutta, Patna, Darjeeling, Delhi and Kohima Provinces
  • South: Kerala, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and Madurai Provinces
  • West: Goa, Pune, Bombay and Gujrat Provinces
  • Central: Dumka-Raigunj, Madhya Pradesh, Hazaribagh, Jamshedpur and Ranchi Provinces

Zonal Council

  • Three Members per Province of that zone plus Province co-ordinators
  • Province Coordinators vote only in event of a tie
  • Select representatives for Governing Council
  • Organize Zonal Congress six months before National Congress