Executive Summary

Rising concern about the environmental crisis is sweeping the nation's campuses with an intensity that may be on its way to eclipsing student discontent over environmental problems.

The West Zone Council of Jesuit Alumnae Associations of India (JAAI) in its 6th meeting deliberated on the aforementioned issues and decided to have the theme of the Congress as Air Green Water. This theme has also been adopted by JAAI as a part of its National Agenda. To give thrust to the initiative, the present Governing Council has designated a Sub-Committee for Environment and Ecology.

The present Sub-Committee affirms its objectives and puts forth its deliverables as under:

  1. To design and create a framework to guide Institutions and Alumnae Associations to organize and execute activities
  2. To create a single point of contact for Institutions and Alumnae Associations to share ideas, innovations and resources
  3. To create a database based on information provided by stakeholders and put it in a shareable format.
  4. To enable resource mapping by inviting institutions to put forth challenges faced in execution of activities and trying to tap into experts and other resources to mitigate those challenges.
  5. To create a single point for
    1. Fund raising for projects
    2. Project Replication

It is the intent of the sub-committee to have a concrete action plan that can be followed up with individual Alumnae organization and a measurable impact may be captured. It is agreed that while a list of common activities cannot be imposed looking at the diversity of the geography as well as demography of various organizations and Institutions, it was decided to attempt a common guidelines to ensure that activities are carried out in a common format for a clear and effective impact that is demonstrable and quantifiable.

The sub-committee understands that the following is its success parameter:

  1. Put up various projects on Environment and Ecology online for the JAAI members
  2. Release the framework of activities that can be carried out by Jesuit Alumnae as well as Institutions
  3. Reach out to all the member associations of JAAI and offer the help and engage in discussions
  4. Identify Subject Matter experts and resources who can be tapped by associations and institutions through the sub-committee
  5. Put up a list of projects / activities / events that can be executed by the Associations / Institutions
  6. Collaborate all material, matter and information made available by member associations in a pre-defined format and publish them on website / TXC app

List of the international days currently observed by the United Nations is annexed as Annexure-A.