4th DOX Annual Mega Health Camp

The 4th Annual Mega Health Camp for the SXD Outreach Schooling Children, their parents and neighbours was an upgrade on the previous one in many good ways : -
a. This time, all students of the Jesuit Boys' Town (Kishor Nagar); a residential schooling facility for destitute and orphan boys) were also carried-in from 20 kms away for their holistic health check-up.

b. A perfect synergy of community participation was achieved :
- Nursing Staff - 20 of them, were provided by Mahadevi Birla Nurses' Training College, Mahilong, Ranchi.
- Paramedic Assistance was provided by Bhagwan Mahavir Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Booty, Ranchi.
- State of the art Mobile Ophthalmic Check-up Van  Facility was provided by SGVS Hospital, Khunti.
- Diabetes Detection and Blood Pressure Detection Section was manned and supported by SD Biosensors Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram.
- Automated Pulmonary Disease Detection and Lungs' Function Test facility was provided by Cipla Ltd.
- Free distribution of medicines and pharmaceuticals was sponsored by M/s Pama Pharmaceuticals, Ranchi.
- Physical infrastructure, transportation, audio and accoustics, venue, etc. were provided courtesy St. Xavier's School, Doranda.
- Doranda Old Xaverians took on themselves the organization, publicity, media coverage, layout and set-up, tentage, fooding for patients doctors and volunteers, printing & stationery, manning and database management of registration, logistics, signages, monitoring and control, honouring and honorarium of doctors and volunteers, and all other cost-heads.
- Spectacles were sponsored by Dr. Devendra Singh, Mr. Sanjay Paul, Mr. Ashish Budhia, Mr. Tirthankar Bose, Mr. Agrawal, Mr. Vishal Jain.
- In All, 28 Doctors, mostly Doranda Old Xaverians, including Six General Physicians, 3 Doctors of Medicine, 2 Gyne & Obs, Endocrinologist, Pulmonologist, 2 Orthopedic Surgeons, Ophthalmic Surgeon, 4 Optometrists, Dermatology (Skin) & Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Community Medicine, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitative Medicine, Ear-Nose-Throat, Audiometry and Dentistry & Oral Hygiene offered their services for all patients.

664 patients were examined and treated.

197 patients were given spectacles on real-time basis.

All patients were given medicines free of cost.

Chronic and critical illness patients were identified and adopted for treatment.