9th World Congress - Cleveland Ohio USA

The World Union of Jesuit Alumni/ae (WUJA) brings together former students of Jesuit schools and universities in the entire world in order to build international relationships between these people, to contribute to the mission of the Society of Jesus and to promote the universal dynamic of Jesuit education.Every four years WUJA has its Congress where its alumni meet and network on topics linked with Jesuit values.

This year the Congress was hosted by North America and was held at John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA between June 28-July 2, 2017. The theme of the Congress was “Uniting Our Jesuit Frontiers: To Know God, To Love God, To Serve God.”

A large delegation of 37 alumni from across India represented JAAI at the Congress


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Congress Report -Day 1

Congress Report - Day 2

Congress Report - Day 3