Congress Report -Day 1

The First talk by the best known author and speaker Dr. Chris Loney was simply an eye opener to all. His was a very interactive session. There were a few points for all to remember.

  1. Leadership: It is not for name or fame. It is winning all by getting cooperation. Each one is a leader. 
  2. What way am I winning people?
  3. Power is for Service.
  4. A small group of committed citizens can change the world. Examples were plenty emerged from the audience itself. 
  5. A leader is the one who knows the way, shows the way, and walks the way. Chris Loney articulated this through the example of young priest Borgolio (Presnt Pope Francis). And from the first brand of Jesuits including St. Ignatius.

After talking about Leadership he asked us to remember the best teacher who taught us and why do you remember. Invariably the group said it is because those teachers 'deeply touched our lives with compassion, love, commitment, and dedication. They were all men of discernment.

He made a few suggestions to the WUJA to follow. The theme of WUJA is Uniting the Jesuit Frontiers through Collaboration and Networking. Loney proposed three things for us to follow to be good leaders.

  1. A week long Alumni Pilgrimage in and through the Ignatian Way. Visiting the Places Ignatius lived and walked as a pilgrim.
  2. Social entrepreneur competition for SJ University Students.
  3. Perpetual Prayer chain: each hour some Graduate students will be be praying for intentions. 

Leadership is not for show. It is not for making false images or satisfaction. It is for serving the humanity for a better world. So it is an internal journey...a walk....that gives ones best to the world as men and women for others. 

This is not for prestige and power, false pride and number. It is to be genuinely concerned of all.  Seeing all as part of the Universal world.

Contributed by Sunny Jacob SJ

Jesuit Advisor JAAI

Secretary JEA SA